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Wipro QA Concepts Interview Questions
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In the Test Plan,Features to be tested and Features not to be tested are there.Can u explain these in Detail?

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What is Test Scripts What is static testing and dyanmic testing. Explain with an example

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What is the role of good test engineer?

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What is the Major difference between QTP ; LoadRunner? If u want to test an 1. erp module which automation tool you would prefer and why? and 2. for web application, which tool and why?

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What are the testing techniques? pls let me know in detail

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what is Cyclomatic Complexity?

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how to answer the question,as a tester what is the suggestion that you have given which helped the project,can anyone answer please?

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What would be the test approach for testing an e-commerce website which is coming to us from the vendor for maintenance. What will be the test approach fro the same when we do no have artifacts, test cases, test plan etc.

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Wipro QA Concepts Interview Questions

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