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Wipro Oracle General Interview Questions
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What is the difference between SQL, DDL, and DML?

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Query to get max and second max in oracle in one query ?

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what is unique key?

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what is the difference between primary key & foreign key?

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What is STATSPACK tool?

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why can't we assign not null constraint as table level constraint

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What is pragma restrict_reference in oracle 9i?When we use this?Give me one realtime scenario?

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what is the exact definition for pointer?

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what is mean by prmary key and foreign key and how can we diffrentiate that? Please answer me. Advance thanks.

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What are the differences between a sys and system user and what are the extra privileges available to the sys user?

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Using the relations and the rules set out in the notes under each relation, write table create statements for the relations EMPLOYEE, FIRE and DESPATCH. You should aim to provide each constraint with a formal name, for example table_column_pk.


Using the relations and the rules set out in the notes under each relation, write statements to create the two sequence generators specified in the notes.


1. Display all the rows and columns in the CLIENT table. Sort by client name in reverse alphabetical order.

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2. Display the item number and total cost for each order line (total cost = no of items X item cost). Name the calculated column TOTAL COST.

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3. Display all the client numbers in the ORDER table. Remove duplicates.

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Wipro Oracle General Interview Questions

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