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Wipro Microsoft Certifications Interview Questions
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Sir, I need to do my certification course for .NET. Will u provide me the information of how to prepare for the certification test. And also specify me the online books that is useful in studing for .NEt platform

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i want mcp 290 latest dumps and ccna dumps plse help me can tell me website i will download dump plse give reply

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• What are sites? What are they used for? • What's the difference between a site link's schedule and interval? • What is the KCC? • What is the ISTG? Who has that role by default? • What are the requirements for installing AD on a new server? • What can you do to promote a server to DC if you're in a remote location with slow WAN link?

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what is the difference between 32 bit os and 64 bit os

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What is WINS server? where we use WINS server? difference between DNS and WINS?

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Name three booting files?

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what is the function of DHCP?

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What is Web Space? Where we use Web Space?

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what is the concept of RAID5 ?

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What are sites? What are they used for?


What do you do to install a new Windows 2003 R2 DC in a Windows 2003 AD?


What is Exchange Server?

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What is Active Directory Domains & Trust?

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what the differences are among domain local groups, domain global, and universal groups

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HI Guys...... Good day ahead How many sub domains can be added in exchange server means in a domain


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Wipro Microsoft Certifications Interview Questions

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