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Wipro COBOL Interview Questions
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Can you REWRITE a record in an ESDS file? Can you DELETE a record from it?

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What do you do to resolve SOC-7 error?

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What is the difference between SEARCH and SEARCH ALL? What is more efficient?

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What is the meaning of 'Eject' verb in cobol?

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after udatingg first 110 rows, my job abends. now how do i change my cobol program so that when i restart the Job it will start updating from 111th row ( i.e in next run I di=ont want to update those 110 rows which are already been updated in the first run before job abend)

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hai friends ,i have HSBc exam on this sunday,my platform is Mainframe,i have 1 year exp,pls any one send me placement papers of Hsbc and technical questions on mainframe

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What are the differences bitween cobol and cobol-2?

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i have two file one is ksds another one is esds i want store matching records in flat file how to you matching.

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Q:what is the difference between the variable length and fixed it varies in the cobol.

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1)what is the maximum limit for occurs? Eg: 01 A PIC X(10) OCCURS N TIME. What is the max value for N?

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what is the basic concept of mainframe? what knowledge is needed for learn this mainframe?

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Explain complete concept of table handling in COBOL with an example?

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How to read records from flat file in reverse order through COBOL program?

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How to remove the spaces at end of each record in the output file Via COBOL program? note: The file has a VB length

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When the working storage variables get allocated? a.At Compile time b.At starting of the run time c.At end of the run time. d.None of these

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Wipro COBOL Interview Questions

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