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Wipro Core Java Interview Questions
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What is garbage collection in Java, and how can it be used ?

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Differentiate Vector and ArrayList?

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Differentiate constructor and a method and how are it be used?

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What is an abstract class?

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How can final class be used?

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By what default value is an object reference declared as an instance variable?

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Java support what type of parameter passing ?

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Explain the term serialization?

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Is there is any error if you have multiple main methods in the same class?

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What is Overriding and how can it be used?

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Explain pass by reference and pass by value?

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what is the Diff. between Access Specifiers and Access Modifiers?

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Can multiple catch statements be used in exceptions ?

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Difference between Application and Applet ?

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Can a class inherit the constructors of its superclass?

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Wipro Core Java Interview Questions

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