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Wipro SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What is the routine used for rounding off in pricing procedure?

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How do you create a plant? What is the T-code for creating number ranges for a sales order type? - asked by an Abaper . (General questions for him)

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Tell me a few tickets handled by you during your support?

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order was created 6 month back for the material M-12 , at a price Rs.400/- and now price is increased by Rs.80/-,we want to bill the customer now for the new price. What changes or customizing should be done? Plz. reply...

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I have already 50 open sales order,But i need those 50 open sales order wll active incomplition of one particular field.can any body has about it ? is it possible to do incomplete field those 50 sales order

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In which phase you transfer data into SAP R/3?

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Is it possible to do delivery without shipping point?

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Can we assign multi distribution channel (like 2 or more) to a single customer in sap sd sales process .... if yes then how ?

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In your functional role, can you tell me in detail how you gathered techical specifications for your techical team members from your client? If you could please provide an example.

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can we assign shipping point to the sales organization ? in sap r/3 ? if yes how ?

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what is the difference between inbound and outbound delivery?

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In your role as the SD business analyst how did you gather technical specifications and requirements from the client for your functional and technical team members? What tools did you use?(Role was a business analyst who acted as a go between the client and the functional and techincal guys)

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Tell me about Shipping point Determination

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Does anyone know how to split a bill into more than one for a single sales order? or How to do multiple deliveries? and also...if multiple deliveries are happening to create one invoice for various deliveries or sales orders?

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Is it possible to block a material for sales order so that it should not give any yellow exclamation-warning other way it should give an error message so that we can not proceed further? it possible for the bloking customers in the same way...if so

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Wipro SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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