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Wipro 86 Family Interview Questions
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In a processor these are 120 instructions . Bits needed to impliment this instructions [a] 6 [b] 7 [c] 10 [d] none

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In 8085 microprocessor READY signal does.which of the following is incorrect statements [a]It is input to the microprocessor [b] It sequences the instructions

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Return address will be returned by function to

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load a mul a store t1 load b mul b store t2 mul t2 add t1 then the content in accumulator is

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Which type of architecture 8085 has?

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Why is data bus bi-directional?

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What are the functions of RIM, SIM, IN?

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What are the different flags in 8085?

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Suppose you have a combinational circuit between two registers driven by a clock. What will you do if the delay of the combinational circuit is greater than your clock signal?

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Give the truth table for a Half Adder, Give a gate level implementation of the same?

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Design a Transmission Gate based XOR. Now, how do you convert it to XNOR?

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what do you mean by embedded system?

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7. What are tri-state devices and why they are essential in a bus oriented system?

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What is the difference detween ISR & function call

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what is program counter?


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Wipro 86 Family Interview Questions

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