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Wipro Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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tell me about yourself?

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i m doing b.e..i m in thrd year..i have a four year gap.. so if a interviewer asked about my gap .. what is my answer...


in most of the interviews they are asking this question.. why i should give this job to you..i want the superb answer for this.. please help me..


what is intercom services what is its significations

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Lovers love it...... Friends need it.... Relationship starts with it... Life ends with it..... Whats is it....

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how to open CD/DVD drive shortcut key in keyboard for windows xp and other operating systems.

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please provide jam round interview topics and answers

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We a One DHCP Server in org with 500 users if my DHCP is down and somehow it can`t be repaired within 2 days what the alternative rather than static IP?


What is Jig Test in Hardware?

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What is diff bet lotus and exchange and which is good in messing only?


What is the mcafee command for removel of mcafee from command prompt


what can an interviewer can ask relating the company


Had you thought of leaving your present position before? If yes, what do you think held you there? 11. What are your strong points? 12. What are your weak points? How long would you stay with us?Why are you leaving your present position? 48. What are your career goals? Why should we hire you?How much do you expect if we offer this position to you?


What is a 10 letter Word ending with s and fourth letter is d and seventh letter is a

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who was the first education minister of independent india?

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Wipro Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions

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what is the relevance of computer science to business management


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What are the advantages of using a pointer?


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What is npm? What is the main functionality of npm?


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How to use the same COBOL program in Batch and CICS on lines? explain with an example


Does Araxis offer floating (network) licences for Merge?


What is the data flow from LIS tables to BW?


What is ignition module of a CAT Gas Genset G-3508 Engine, Alternator SR4B Series. HOw its checked for correct functioning.Is it repiarable or replacable?