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Wipro Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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Can any one tell What is implementation in oracle Applications

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Five main difference between Tally & ERP?

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Invoice Approval Process?


What is the difference between accrue at period end and accrue on receipt?

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why should we create prorate calender and what is the difference between depreciation calender and prorate calender in fixed assets module?

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what are the accounting entries which get effected in order to cash cycle

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what is the main difference between the MRC and Revaluation? can any one tell me.

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What Are Important Reports In AP,AR?

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What is Auto accounting feature in AR ?

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What do you mean by Category Set ? and what is its Relevance ?


MIN and MAX number of segments in Chart of accounts ?

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Explain TCA Architecture ?

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Hi, I have the problem with Trial balance summary1 report.When i am trying to print the Trial balance summary1 some posting transactions not appering for Period 14.Can you please tell me what was the problem?

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What is the meaning of Deprecation

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How do U do the Analysis of discounts lost and fixing the root cause

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Post New Wipro Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

Wipro Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

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