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Wipro Exchange Server Interview Questions
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What are the different Exchange 2003 versions?

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what are disk considerations when installing excahnge 2003

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In My Organization we are using the exchange server 2003 AND A. We are using the webmail and also outlook 2003. Outlook and webmail are asking frequently user name and password. what are the steps need to be taken to resolve this problem. Plz Help me...?

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Tel me the Features of the Exchange Server 2007?

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Tel me a bit about Site replication in the AD? what is th e meaning of the cost in the AD site replication.

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How to upgrade the AD server 2003 & Ex 2003 to Ad server 2008 & Ex server 2007

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What are the roles of Exchange server 2003?

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we have two exchange server domain as having user test1 & having user test2 as using same ip class for & for ?how user send mail to

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I don’t understand clearly about global catalog server. I think we have global catalog server can help improve the respond time user query. But do we need only one or more global catalog server is better. What different effects?

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• When should I run the Setup.exe /forestprep command? What permissions do I need to run the command? • When should I run the Setup.exe /domainprep command? What permissions do I need to run the command? • What is the advantage of doing a /forestprep and /domainprep prior to an Exchange Server 2003 installation?

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What are the differences between administrative permissions and client permissions in PF?

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If mail is not coming in mail box in MSOutlook what can be the reason behind it?

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Why we use ruling in Ms outlook ?

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user not able to see his email address in GAL ,but able to send and recieve emails.Why ?

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Wipro Exchange Server Interview Questions

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