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Wipro SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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If you have 3 sales organizations, 2 divisions, and 2 distribution channels and you want to use each of the divisions and distribution channels, how many customer records do you need to create for each customer? explain how?

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how to activate NRAB condition type in free goods and what is the use of it

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Can we assign multiple codes to a company is it possible if how?Urjent....... Thanks in advance....

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If on "sales order" you have "credit check" that you can use to see if the customer is good, what is the equivalent of this when you are making a consignment transaction? I want to limit the total quantity of stocks in the customer's premise (for consignment). Which one should I configure?

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Can I set a delivery block for a customer on particular sales area. yes pls explain? thanks in advance.

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What is the use of order reasons and rejection reasons.

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What know about the back order process and what is the transaction code

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What do you mean by order confirmation


Have you know the shipment and shipment cost


What do you know about forward and backward scheduling and how you will identify either backward or forward scheduling takes place in sales order

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How the accounting document type RV will be configured and link to the billing document type.

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Where are the places credit check will be done.

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How we can see the credit reports.

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What is the output used for credit management where it can be processed.

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How credit management is linked with pricing.

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Wipro SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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