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Wipro Data Stage Interview Questions
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1)What is ur project architecture ? 2)how to move project from developement to uat? 3)What is the difference between datastage 6,7.1 and datasttage 7.5? 4).How to do error handling in datastage? 5)3.Whta is unit testing, system testing and integration testing? 6)What is the Exact difference between BASIC Transformer and NORMAL Transformer?When we will go for BASIC Or NORMAL Transformer 7)why we use third party tools in datastage? 8)What is the purpose of Debugging stages? In real time Where we will use?

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Hai..,in datastage how to explain project in interview?please explain any domain please.

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when we will use connected Lookup & Unconnected Lookup

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which cache supports connected & un connected Lookup

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can we use sequential file as a lookup

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hi, 1)totally how many jobs created in ur project 2)what is ur datamart size & Dwh size 3)How secure ur project 4)could u plz tell be about testing process after complete the job will run sucessfully or not in Datastage

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what is Audit table?Have u use audit table in ur project?

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how to clear the source file? 2) diff b/t odbc & Oracle?what is node? 3) explain one complex job u face in ur project

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How much data u can get every day? 2)which data ur project contains? 3) what is the source in ur project?what is the biggest table & size in ur schema or in ur project?

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what is the new version in Datastage ? what is the diff b/t New vesion & 7.5 version?

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With out using Funnel Stage, how to populate the data from different sources to single target

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source which format u will get either fixed or delimiter length format? what is the symbol of delimiter?

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how to connect source to db?generally what r stages u used? how to find the data is having delimiter format?



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Wipro Data Stage Interview Questions

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