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Wipro Linux System Calls Interview Questions
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How to give the root permision to users?

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if root user forget the password how to change it?

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What is the Diffrent between Redhat linux And suse linux

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linux system its not booting up its showing groub error what i need to do?

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how to configure sendmail server on red hat linux version 4 and what and all we Require?

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what is samba, what is configuration file, how it will work?

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what are the backup utilites on red hat linux 4.0?

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1.Diff between Active and passive FTP? 2.What is anacron? 3.Diff between yum update and yum install while doing for kernel? 4.root_squash and no_root_squash does what? 5.What are the commands will you execute to find a new hardware? 6.How will you find out a lun allocated from SAN? 7.What is the main diff in CaT5 and CAT6 cable, except the 1/100 and 1/1000? 8.What is stale NFS and How will you fix it? 9.What is kernel panic error? 10.How will you recover password and shadow file, in case both got deleted. Explain the steps? 11.Explain boot process 12.What is network bonding. Explain the steps? 13.What are the exit codes returned by FSCK? 14.What is LDOM? 15.Diff between block and character device?

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Wipro Linux System Calls Interview Questions

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