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Wipro Windows AllOther Interview Questions
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What are FSMO Roles? List them

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If we open CD-ROM drive then the responce is "please insert cd into drive" What is the problem? Is it with CD-ROM problem of some services problem?how can we solve this problem?

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What are the three file types in NT ?

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After Installation of WIN XP desktop shows only one ICON of Recycle Bin. Why?

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What are the difference in Windows nt server ,2000server and 2003 server and now win server2008

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How do we install an operating system(for ex. window xp)in a computer system? Tell me the steps....

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what is the difference between dual core and core 2 duo?

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if windows server automatic reset what was the problem? Please kindly help

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how many remote desktop tools are there in windows server 2k3 & 2k8? please help me


how to configure cluster server in windows 2k3 can you send me step-by-step? hardware requirements? how to configure cluster server in Exchange server 2k3can you send me step-by-step? hardware requirements?


what is the difference between exchange server 2003 and exchange server 2007

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how to take a backup of adc


How can you backup and restore DC?

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What is Proxy and proxy server

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Write Hirarchy of ADS...?

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Wipro Windows AllOther Interview Questions

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