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Wipro Teradata Interview Questions
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In which phase of the Active Data Warehouse evolution do you use data to determine what will happen?

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What is a common data source for the central enterprise data warehouse?

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where we can use the delimiter in mload? pls let me know

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Is PK concept available in Teradata. If it is how can we create Primary Key for a table in TD

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what is sysdba and sysdbc ? which has high priority ?


which utitility can use for loading the data from non-teradata to teradata ?

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what is differences between Fastload and Multiload as per DBA aspect ?

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what is single value and Multivalue ?

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Hi All, I have a table with 3 fields like id,mark1,mark2 and I would like to update a mark3 field that would calculate the max for each record (so the max value of the 2 fields) in Teradata ID Mark1 Mark2 Mark3 1 10 20 2 20 30 3 40 10 4 50 50 I Have to write a update statement Mark3 with max value of mark1,mark2 fields…like bellow ID Mark1 Mark2 Mark3 1 10 20 20 2 20 30 30 3 40 10 40 4 50 50 50 Please any one help me ....Thq

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I Have Name field in a Table Name ------------- abcde;fgh;ijk; abc;def;jklm;no I want to write a sql to display name field data with out ';'.so i want to replace ; with '' how will write in Teradata

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what is use of PI(primary index) AND SI(secondary index)

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How many macros we can create inside a macro

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what is identity columns in teradata

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what is referential constraints?how do you implement RI in teradata?

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What is Difference b/w PI & PPI?how to implement PPI?

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Wipro Teradata Interview Questions

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