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Wipro L1 Visa Interview Questions
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My Wife is working as Software engineer in one of the leading IT company , she already have approved L1 VISA , her company did not make use of it , we were trying to transfer her to USA directly through her company it does not seem to work , still not confirmed , now i am planning to bring my wife as depenedent(H4) to me , as i am in USA with H1 VISA , we have confusion , my wife not willing to resign until H4 is stamped , my doubt here is ,1. will a company allow to me apply for dependent VISA when she is working in a company ? 2. If they allow to process , if in case H4 is stamped ,she did not resign from job , if her company agrees to send her to USA using the same old company;s L1 , is it valid after getting H4 stamped ?


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Wipro L1 Visa Interview Questions

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