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Wipro Networking Administration Interview Questions
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What are the advantages for XP Service Pack2?

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How do you distinguish a DNS problem from a network problem?

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What is the last major networking problem you troubleshot and solved on your own in the last year?

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When do you use BGP, IGRP, OSPF, Static Routes?

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How do you manage a long term demanding stressful work environment?


Describe how VoIP works?

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Have you configured a NFS server?

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A software is installed in server.How to share the software among the clients

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how to load a software in server

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how to install a software in the server and share the same among the clients

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how can you configure router

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how to configure ras in router 2600

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what is spyware,firmware?

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what is L1 and L2 support

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If in interview i am asked why do u want to join call center if ur computer science graduate?? what should i say??

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Wipro Networking Administration Interview Questions

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