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TCS Manual Testing Interview Questions
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1)how can you perform load testing in manual testing 2)what is deliverable?

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Tell exact difference b/w Smoke and Sanity testing with example?

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tell me about detailed process of bug tracking in your company?questions was asked in interveiw?

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Is it necessary to test application in lower versions of OS when you have tested in latest version

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If developers team doesn't agree with the bug raised by you, what is the next step would you take

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What do u do if a bug logged by u is not reproducible in developers environment (developers environment is same as urs)

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What did you achieve being a tester

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user A done some changes for a portion of test case doc. And user B also done some changes to same portion. If user-A checks in his file first then user-B. Then what is the state of that file?

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If you open a bug in build -1 and that get closed in build-2 . Again the same bug a raised in build -3. Then what state will you give to that?

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what is the difference between debugging & manual testing?

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what is the difference between test bed & test environment.

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what is application state, base state, & call state.

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From what phase of project, testing will starts, what tester will do at starting stage?

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What actually you(Testing) people do when a new project starts. i.e can you give clear idea how testing is integrated with Project development &Release

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how to use batchtesting in qtp?

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TCS Manual Testing Interview Questions

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