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TCS Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is test case of dustbin ?

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After completion of testing process what are the mandatory documents that a tester can produce?

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Who fixes the bug as Severity and priority ?

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Difference between Static and dynamic Testing & Which type of testing include in Static and dynamic Testing ? explain in detail with example. Thanks

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What type of documents present in Application Design document?

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Advantage and disadvantage of waterfall model,v model and iteration or incremental model?

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plz explain about commonly used terms while writing testcases.Like to check,validate,on click etc.

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Hello, I am interested to make a career in software testing. I am searching for a recommended book in manual Testing tools Please advise recommended books which is a good text book for learning software testing.

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Explain waterfall model????

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What is the difference between Smoke & Sanity Testing.

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Hi am new to this forem.i am a begineer in software testing and i have passed the ISEB exam,can anyone tell me how to gain knowledge practically ie practising testcases...... Thanks in advance

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could u pls tell me, all types of funtional and non funtional testing techniques?

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i have faced this question in one interview.kindly let me know if u know the ans . the ques is the tester have been found 20 bugs in the requirement .after dev. has been fixed 20 bugs again tester retest the bugs he found again 12 bugs dev .fixed 12 bugs keep on its going ..finally its comes zero defects now how will u checking the application stability ..

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How to write gui test cases ? plz gve me some sugessition about gui test cases along with examples plz plz any one plz

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why do u want to become a software tester?

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TCS Manual Testing Interview Questions

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