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what is the difference between test bed & test environment.

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what is the difference between test bed & test environment. ..

Answer / jason bourne

Test Bed :
An execution environment configured for testing. May
consist of specific hardware, OS, network topology,
configuration of the product under test, other application
or system software.

Test Environment :
The hardware and software environment in which tests will
be run, and any other software with which the software
under test interacts when under test including stubs and
test drivers.

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what is the difference between test bed & test environment. ..

Answer / venkateswara reddy

test bed means an environment that contain the integrated
hardware,instrumentation,simulator,software tools,and other
support elements needed to conduct a test of a logical or
physically separated components.
A suite of test program used in conducting the test of a
component or system.

Test environment means with all possible and required
component in which that s/w is expected to work in

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