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What is R-mode and A-mode?

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What is R-mode and A-mode?..

Answer / santhosh vayathuri

RMODE stands fro residency mode.where to store the data
whether it may be below the 16MB line or above the 16MB
line or giving chance to compiler that where ever store the

AMODE stands for ADDRESS MODE it will tell to compiler
which addressing mode we are using it may be 24 bit or 31
bit addressing mode.

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What is R-mode and A-mode?..

Answer / raj

A-mode is addressing mode options(24|31|ANY)
R-mode Residence mode Options(24|31|Any)

These are compiler option and are site specific.

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What is R-mode and A-mode?..

Answer / kiran

r-mode means 24 bit address mode ,a-mode means 31 bit
address mode

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