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TCS Interview Questions
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consider the following FD FILE-1 01 REC-1 PIC X(80) ...... WORKING-STORAGE SECTION 01 W-REC PIC X(90) ........ PROCEDURE DIVISION FIRST-PARA ....... READ FILE-1 INTO W-REC AT END MOVE 1 TO EOF-FLAG which of the following is true with respect to the above? a.REC-1 will contain nothing and W-REC will contain the contains of the record read b.REC-1 and W-REC contain the same data c.syntex is invalid and error will occur d.REC-1 and W-REC must be of same size

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there is a file whose ORGANISATION is want to read the records from the file in RANDOM fashion as well as sequentially.then which of the access mode would you specify? a.SEQUENTIAL b.RANDOM c.DYNAMIC D.ACCESS MODE has nothing to do with it

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consider the following PROCEDURE DIVISION entry OPEN EXTEND IN-FILE identify the correct statement a.organization of IN-FILE is sequential and records can be added in the beginning b.organization of IN-FILE is sequential and records can be added in the end c.organization of IN-FILE is indexed and records can be added in the beginning d.organization of IN-FILE is indexed and records can be added in the end

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what is the size of W-REC in the following 01 W-REC 05 A PIC 9(4)V99 05 B READLINES A 10 C PIC XX 10 D PIC S9(4) 05 E OCCURS 7 PIC ZZ.ZZ 05 F OCCURS 5 10 G PIC ZZ.ZZZ99 10 H OCCURS 3 15 J PIC 9(3) 15 K PIC V99

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consider the following two IF statements: IF X AND NOT Y MOVE A TO B IF Z=1 OR 9 MOVE A TO B select one of the following data divusion entries which gives identical results for both the above IF statements a.01 Z PIC 9 88 X VALUE 1.9 88 Y VALUE 0.2 THRU 8 b.01 Z PIC 9 88 X VALUE 0.2 THRU 8 Y VALUE 1.9 c.01 Z PIC 9 88 X VALUE 1.9 88 NOT-Y VALUE 0.2 THRU 1.9 d.none of yhe above

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consider the following two statements MOVE 10 TO N PERFORM PARA-X N TIMES STOP RUN PARA-X MOVE 5 TO N how many times PARA-X willbe exicuted? a.10 b.5 c.infinate d.execution error

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given the following: 77 A PIC 9V9 VALUE 9.5 77 B PIC 9 VALUE 9. 77 C PIC V9 VALUE 0.8 77 D PIC 9 77 E PIC 9 77 F PIC 9V999 what are the contenta of D E nad F after the following statements are executed: COMPUTE F ROUNDED=A+C/B MULTIPLY A BY C GIVING E ADD B C A GIVING D ROUNDED a.F=9.589 E=8 D=1 b.F=9.589 E=8 D=9 c.F=9.589 E=7 D=9 d.F=9.589 E=7 D=1

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A LESS 1200 IF B GREATER 25 MOVE 47 TOC ELSE MOVE 57 TO C IF A GREATER 249 MOVE 67 TO C ELSE NEXT SENTENCE ELSE IF B LESS 67 MOVE 27 TO C What will be the value of C, when A is 137 and b is 25

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Consider the following: 77 W-NUM PIC 9 VALUE 0 ------ MOVE 1 TO W-NUM PERFORM PARA-X UNTIL W-NUM > 9. ------ PARA-X ADD 1 TO W-NUM How many times PARA-X is executed ?

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Consider the following code: 77 A PIC 99V99 VALUE 55.35 77 B PIC 99V999 VALUE 32.754 ADD B TO A ON SIZE ERROR DISPLAY "ERROR!!!" What will be the result ? (a) A=88.10, B=32.754 (b) A=87.00 B=32.754 (c) A=87.10 B=32.754 (d) ERROR!!! will be DISPLAYed on the screen.

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Consider the following: 77 A PIC 9(10) 77 B PIC 9(10) 77 C PIC 9(19) MULTIPLY AB BY B GIVING C Which of the following is true ? (a) The execution of the above may result in size error. (b) The execution of the above will result in size error. (c) The definition of C is invalid resulting in compilation error. (d) No error will be thee and the program would proceed correctly.

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A paragraph PARA-X is to be executed when none of the data names A, B and C have value of 1. Which of the following will achieve this ? (a) IF A NOT = 1 OR B NOT = 1 OR C NOT = 1 PERFORM PARA-X (B) IF NOT A= 1 AND B= 1 AND C = 1 PERFORM PARA-X (C) IF A NOT =1 IF NOT B = 1 OR C= 1 PERFORM PARA-X (C) IF A NOT = 1 AND B NOT = 1 AND C NOT = 1 PERFORM PARA-X

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Identify the invalid dataname from the following: (A) savings-account (B) annual-allocation-for-overhead (C) samount250 (D) 12demand

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Study the DATA DIVISION entries and the three PROCEDURE DIVISION entries given below: 01 END-OF-FILE-SWITCH PIC XXX. 88 NO-MORE-RECS VALUE "YES". 88 MORE-RECS VALUE "NO". (i) READ SAMPLE-FILE AT END MOVE "YES" TO NO-MORE-RECS. (ii) IF NO-MORE-RECS = "YES" GO TO LAST-PARA. (iii) IF NO-MORE-RECS GO TO LAST-PARA. Which are wrong? (a) (i) and (ii) (b) (ii) and (iii) (c) (i) and (iii) (d) all

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TCS Interview Questions

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