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TCS SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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What is control record? What is it's use? Can we assign N number of payroll areas to one control record?

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What is Fast entry? why do we use it?

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How do you setup info types for actions in PA40? Explain step-by-step?

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What is the IT for Reference Personnel Number? Why do you use it? Wher do you assign it?

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How many Time Constraints are there in PA? What are they and explan them in detail?

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What is the difference in assigning contract in IT 0001 and IT 0016?

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1) What is the US payroll process (plz give me detailed point 2 point ans,,, ) 2) What User-exit ? why do we use this 3) what is the diff between Work schedule and Work schedule rule? 4) What is Full cycle implementation(is it particularly for one sub module as Payroll or total SAP HR ) ? 5) What is Time constraints ? why do we use this ? 6) What is Time evaluation process ?

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(All these should ans by keeping US payroll in mind) 1) What is Factoring 2) What is the link btw HR and FICO 3) what is period parameters where do we assgn this 4) What is the difference in configuring *Mid year go live and year end go live* What are difficulties we face in mid year go live 5) what is the infotype Planned compensation and its purpose 6) Can we assign more than 5 wagetypes to a single Symbolic account and reason 7) If i hire you what you brings in to TCS tell me 5 points 8) where you want see you 5yrs from now 9) what is work schedule rule 10)what are the challenges you faced in US payroll 11) what is VWTCL and VWTCLE.what is the difference 12) Garnishment

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What is the role of a administrator in PA ?

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what is account assignment? where we assign employgroup and employee subgroup in OM? where we assign costcenters to positions in OM?

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1.I have executives,directors and clerks. I want to pay on Ist of every month for executives and directors and I want to pay on 5th of every month for clerks. Then how many payroll areas i have to create ? Please can anybody give a answer for this question.

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what is the configuration part in ESS/MSS being SAP HR functional consultant. what r the responsibilities ...

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we are implementing Negative and Positive time evolution for our client..and they need the absence quota to be automatically updated for all the employees at once. I did this for Negative Time management with out payroll integration by using TQTA. but how to do it(absence quotas should be automatically updated for all the employees ) by running positive and negative Time Evolution with TMSTA 1 and 9 .

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How you will configure Medical Expense Exemption in payroll?


What is the difference between the Positive time recording and negative time recording in time evaluation?

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TCS SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions

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