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List the Basic Steps for SD configuration.

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List the Basic Steps for SD configuration...

Answer / siva

Enterprsie structure
Partner determination
Master data( this is not customisation.. but vital)
Business process customisation ( Document types of order,
del, blling etc, item categories, schedule line categories(
this can be done by MM also))
Output determination
the above are essential apart from which there are many
other customisations which are business specific like Free
goods, material determination,Text, Listing and Exclusion,
Variant configuration etc etc)

Thanks and regards

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List the Basic Steps for SD configuration...

Answer / yahid7

Basic steps in SD configuration in broad sense are:

1. Configuring the organizational structures for sales,
which will form a basic frame work to conduct business
processes in sales.

2. Configuring essential fields needed for managing
customers/business partners who fall under four categories
such as Sold-to-party, Ship-to-party, Payers and Bill-to-
party. There are many other business partners associated
like sales representative, contact persons etc. This
configuration will enable you to create master data of
partners properly.

3. When you have the frame work and partners you would
like to do business with them. Business in SAP SD is done
using the documet types. So this will be the third thing
to configure.

4. You need the next thing to report all the business
transactions and hence you need to configure reporting
needs by using information systems. Normally this will be
an optional configuration because of the limitations of the
reporting mechanism in SD information system.

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List the Basic Steps for SD configuration...

Answer / sunil

1- business partner(patrner function)
2- business process (sales doc.)
3 -price det. (pricing)
4 -del. process (comp del. process+shipping doc.)
5-billing or invoice (bill to customer for goods or service)

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List the Basic Steps for SD configuration...

Answer / sanjayduggu

in my view there are so many configurations and condition
techniques to roll out configurations. your question is not

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