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TCS Data Stage Interview Questions
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what are the types of nodes

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how to remove duplicates in transformer stage by using stage variables?one example?

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How to read multiple files at different directories using a single Sequential File stage in DS Enterprise Edition

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Source have 1000 records and it can have three nodes ok but i want how many records are executed on each node?

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How to display errors in datastage?

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i have seq file that contents 10 million records load to target any data base.. in that case it takes lot of time for do performance tuning in that situation...?

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what is the use of surogate key in datastage


How to transfer file from one system to another system in UNIX?which command to be use?

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A flatfile contains 200 records.I want to load first 50 records at first time running the job,second 50 records at second time running and so on,how u can develop the job?pls give the steps?pls pls

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what is time dimension? and how to populate time demension

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What is Fastly Changing Dimension?

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What is RCP?

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data stores in which location while using data set stage as the target?

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How can we perform 2nd time extraction of client database without accepting the data which is already loaded in first time extraction?

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how to abort the job its matain duplicates?


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TCS Data Stage Interview Questions

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