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TCS Data Stage Interview Questions
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Hi All, I have a file. i need to fetch the records between first and last records by using transform stage. EX:- Source: EMPNO EMPNAME 4567 shree 6999 Ram 3265 Venkat 2655 Abhi 3665 Vamsi 5852 Amit 3256 Sagar 3265 Vishnu Target: EMPNO EMPNAME 6999 Ram 3265 Venkat 2655 Abhi 3665 Vamsi 5852 Amit 3256 Sagar I dont wan't to Shree and vishnu records.we can fetch another way also but How can I write the function in transform stage?

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In my previous project we get data from mainframe and load it into datastage DB2 tables.Sometimes we get data as flat file or a mainframe tables itself directly we fetch the data.Is this a migration project?

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Can anybody tell me in detail any complex datastage job? I have worked only in direct load and full refresh jobs.But in all interviews this question arises

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Can anyone tell me a difficult situation who have handled while creating Datastage jobs?


what is the exact difference between dataset and fileset in datastage?

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how to sort two columns in single job in datastage.

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how to sort two columns in single job in datastage.


how to sort two columns in single job in datastage.

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my source is sequencial file and my target is dataset. i am running the job in two node configuration file. my source having 10 records how the data move to target?

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guys pls tell me where we use sequence jobs exactly in realtime proj explain pls with example.

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How to work with XML out put stage? Please explain step by step? i need to generate XML file using Table data. Given is the .XSD file. Please help?

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How to LOG 'unmatched Master' records and 'Reject Updates' in log files using MERGE stage?

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Difference between the Sequence and Sequencer in DS?

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I am getting input value like X = Iconv(ā€œ31 DEC 1967ā€,ā€Dā€)? What is the X value? How it is? At what situation we r used Iconv(),Oconv().

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I have 5 different sources i want same records in 5 different targets Can you any body send me this question answer

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TCS Data Stage Interview Questions

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