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TCS Data Stage Interview Questions
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How can u execute the sql query through unix? What is the Primary key for Dimension table? what is the primary key for Fact table?

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Hi Vijay here For Four CPU's how many nodes will required?

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i have a small question for datastage, After the desinging (i.e., transformations and loading)part, what we can do?

1 2295 to generate even numbers in surrogate or tranformar stage ? 2. how many ways to remove duplicate values?

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A flat file contains 200 records. I want to load first 50 records at first time running the job, second 50 records at second time running and so on, how u can develop this job?

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I am having two tables called MASTER and DETAIL. I want to insert records to both tables. But one condition is that whenever the insert for MASTER table is success then only the records will inserted into the DETAIL table, otherwise abort the job. How can u design this job?

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Star Schema vs. Snow Flake Schema. What is the best model for DW? Give example for both the models performance wise?

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Give example for FACTLESS FACT TABLE in real-time scenario.

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How many jobs in ur project? Explain any complex job u have done in ur project?

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how can we send even and odd records from a sequential file to two different targets

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How to remove duplicates in transformer stage? in parallel mode

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I am running a job with 1000 records.. If the job gots aborted after loading 400 records into target... In this case i want to load the records in the target with 401 record... How will we do it??? This scenario is not for sequence job it's only in the job Ex: Seq file--> Trans--> Dataset..

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it is possible to load two tables data into one sequential file?if possible how?plz share with me?

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i have source data like empno,enmae 11 ,aa 12 ,bb i want output like empno,ename 11 ,aa 12 ,bb 11 ,aa 12 ,bb

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TCS Data Stage Interview Questions

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