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TCS Interview Questions
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Write c-code for 5+55+555+5555+55555+555555+5555555. Output will be it's answer...

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What will happen when more than one star neutral points at same voltage level are connected to earth by metallic conductor?

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How to capture checkbox properties when properties of the object keep changing on relogin to the application.


I have cleared Informatic Assistant written exam conducted by RPSC(Rajasthan Public Service Commission). I want to know about the type test pattern.

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how bluetooth works?what is principle behind in it?

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full form of xp

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what is the full form of c language

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i have a small question for datastage, After the desinging (i.e., transformations and loading)part, what we can do?

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if we create a file, in that 10 rows(means 1,2,....9,10 like). i want 7 row exactly, which command use in unix? plz send this question.

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Find greatest number out of 10 number without using loop.

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Find occurence of a character in a sting.

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what is the serialization?

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How to give free goods in consignment sales process.?

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list the no of files created when c source file is compiled

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which exception will be loadrunner send during recording of oracle database

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TCS Interview Questions

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