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TCS Interview Questions
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Write c-code for 5+55+555+5555+55555+555555+5555555. Output will be it's answer...

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What will happen when more than one star neutral points at same voltage level are connected to earth by metallic conductor?

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How to capture checkbox properties when properties of the object keep changing on relogin to the application.


I have cleared Informatic Assistant written exam conducted by RPSC(Rajasthan Public Service Commission). I want to know about the type test pattern.

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how bluetooth works?what is principle behind in it?

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full form of xp

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what is the full form of c language

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i have a small question for datastage, After the desinging (i.e., transformations and loading)part, what we can do?

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if we create a file, in that 10 rows(means 1,2,....9,10 like). i want 7 row exactly, which command use in unix? plz send this question.

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Find greatest number out of 10 number without using loop.

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Find occurence of a character in a sting.

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what is the serialization?

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How to give free goods in consignment sales process.?

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list the no of files created when c source file is compiled

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which exception will be loadrunner send during recording of oracle database

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Post New TCS Interview Questions

TCS Interview Questions

Un-Answered Questions

Describe the difference between inline and code behind - which is best?


function modules are also external subroutines. State true or false. : abap modularization


What is meant by an index?


What is meant by annotation in hibernate?


Define What are the uses of Groynes?


How to get the nth word of a line in Unix?


What is the main use of python?


How can I do a mass delete of the roles without deleting the new roles?


how to configure cisco router & switches plz provide me path steps?


Explain about struts relation to html tags?


What you can do to remove data from the cache and query plans from memory for testing the performance of a query repeatedly?


What is the central limit theorem?


A short CI column of hollow circular section has projecting bracket carrying a load of 10 tonnes. The load line is off the column by 20cm. The external diameter of the column is 350mm and thickness of metal is 25 mm. Find the maximum stress intensity in the section.


how to calculate range of level transmitter?


What do chmod, chown, chgrp commands do?