What is the difference between Bulk Load and Normal Load

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What is the difference between Bulk Load and Normal Load..

Answer / guest

Bulk loading,improves the performance of a session that
inserts a large amount of data to the target database.When
bulk loading, the Integration Service bypasses the database
log, which speeds performance. Without writing to the
database log, however, the target database cannot perform
rollback.As a result, you may not be able to perform recovery.

In normal load the databse log is not bypassed and therefore
the target databse can recover from an incomplete session.

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What is the difference between Bulk Load and Normal Load..

Answer / srikanth

Bulk Load: It is preferable when the volume of data is huge
from source system. if we select bulk loading, integration
service doesn't create Database log, that's the reason we
cant perform session recovery.But bulk loading can improve
the performance of session.

Normal Load:If we select normal loading,integration service
create Database log before loading the data into Target.
This database log having the information of last ROWID of
the record for recent load data.it can support session

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What is the difference between Bulk Load and Normal Load..

Answer / prasad

Normal Load: Normal load option in session properties will
load records one-by-one and generate log for the informztion.

Bulk load: It will load all records at a time and did not
generate session log for records.. when you enable bulk load
the IS invokes sql loaders and bypass database log.

in normal we can able to recovery session
but bulk load cannot recover the sesion

..correct me if i am wrong

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