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TCS Informatica Interview Questions
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How can i send first half of the records to one target and Remaining to other target?

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I cleared Informatica certification Designer. if anybody need dumps, can contact at

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what is the -ve test case in your project.


why union transformation is active transformation?

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How to do Half of the table ex: if 1000 records are there means 500 in one table and 500 in second table like this if N number of tables means how to do Half of the table ??????????

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why we use informatica in our project?

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if i have 10 records in my source,if we use router t/r and given the condition as i>2,i=5 and i<2in the different groups what is the o/p in the target

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a flat file having 1 laks records. if i want convert excel file what happen. (bcz a exccel sheet having 65536 colums but flat files one lak columns). how to get one laks colums in excel sheet .

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Can we use Union Transformation for Heterogeneous sources? i.e; 3 sources, 1 from Oracle, 2nd from Informix, 3rd from Sql Server with same metadata?

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write sql query following table pname description lux soap sunsilk shampoo lux shampoo sunsilk soap clouseup soap closeup paste i want the output like pname description lux soap sunsilk shampoo lux soap sunsilk shampoo closeup paste closeup paste

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write sql query vertical to horiozontal following table id name 1 100 2 dinesh 3 india 1 101 2 suresh 3 india 1 103 2 prakesh 3 usa i want output like id name country 100 dinesh india 101 suresh india 103 prakesh usa


if i have source with 100 records target with 100 records and we lookup on another database table and it has 10 million record so what is the method of limiting that much record in lookup table?

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if i have a delimited file as source so how can we seperate this file into three diff targets?

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if the column name in sql override is diff from the column name in source qualifier,what is the impact?

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what is unique constraint error ?

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TCS Informatica Interview Questions

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