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TCS Informatica Interview Questions
Questions Answers Views Company eMail will u get information about bugs how will u rectify the bugs in realtime whch tool we are using to rectify the bugs


i have source in oracle 10g,oracle 8i how will u take the data from two sources

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why we are using surogate key in real time give me explanation

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How informatica process data means how informatica works?

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Can we run session without using workflows?

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what is the location of parameter file in informatica?

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what is runtime variable?

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which is better perfomancewise lookup or joiner and why?can anyone give example?

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What is the internal processes of integration server in Informatica? How data will be extract and load to the target?


what are the challenge face in u r project?explain me

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write a query to follwoing table amount year quarter 254556 2003 first 546332 2003 second 129034 2003 third 490223 2003 fourth 165768 2004 first 265443 2004 second 510412 2004 third 435690 2004 fourth i want the output year q1_amount q2_amount q3_amount q4_amount 2003 254556 546332 129034 490223 2004 165768 265443 510412 435690

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write a query following table bookid language 1234 english 1234 french 1234 spanish 1235 english i want the output are bookid lang1 lang2 lang3 1234 english french spanish 1235 english null null

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If we have a two tables A & B A contain 10 records,B contain 20 records,what w'll b the o/p if we perform normal join,Master outer join,Detail outer join and Full Outer join how?

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Which is better performance wise database or file?How?

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What is joiner cache?

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TCS Informatica Interview Questions

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