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differentiate between
const char *a;
char *const a; and
char const *a;

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differentiate between const char *a; char *const a; and char const *a; ..

Answer / vignesh1988i

const char *a : means the string is constant and the pointer
is not...

const char *a="HELLO WORLD" , if we take this example for
the whole scope of the program the string is constant and we
can't assign any other string to that pointer 'a'....

char * const a : means the pointer is constant (address) but
string is not......

char * const a="hello world" , if we take this example ,
here the address will be always constant.... string can vary..

char const *a : means string is a constant and pointer is
not..... as we have seen from the first example...

thank u

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differentiate between const char *a; char *const a; and char const *a; ..

Answer / shaista naaz

char * a = "Hello world";
we cannot make a[i] = 'Some character'. This is not allowed.
but we can make
a = "Hi world";
that is char * a is basically a is a pointer which can point
to different address like when we say
a = "Hello world" and then we say a = "Hi world";
Here a is pointing to different address bit as I said before
If we try a[i] = 'some char' will give compiler error as
because here the string is constant not pointer so this is
const char * a = a is a pointer which is pointing to a
constant string. This is a default behaviour.
char * const a = "I am good" ;
Now here you cannot do any thing no modification allowed.
Try doing a[0] = 'Y';
it fails.
Try doing a = "You are good";
It fails too
Error is You cannot assign to a variable which is a constant.
So a is a variable which is a pointer to character and is
or a is a constant pointer to character.
char const * a = const char *a
As in both the case a is a pointer to character which is
constant and a can point to different string but this string
itself cannot be modified. This is the default behavior of
char * a.

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