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TCS C Interview Questions
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write a program of bubble sort using pointer?

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2. Write a function called hms_to_secs() that takes three int values—for hours, minutes, and seconds—as arguments, and returns the equivalent time in seconds.. Create a program that exercises this function by repeatedly obtaining a time value in hours, minutes, and seconds from the user (format 12:59:59), calling the function, and displaying the value of seconds it returns.

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how does the C compiler interpret the following two statements p=p+x; q=q+y; a. p=p+x; q=q+y b. p=p+xq=q+y c. p=p+xq; q=q+y d. p=p+x/q=q+y

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write a C and C++ programme to implement the A,bubble sort B,quick sort C,insertion sort D,sequential search E,binary search

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what is the full form of c language

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Find greatest number out of 10 number without using loop.

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Find occurence of a character in a sting.

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list the no of files created when c source file is compiled

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what is the difference between char * const and const char *?

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How to reverse a linked list

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1. Write a C program to count the number of occurrence of a specific word in the given strings. (for e.g. Find how many times the word “live” comes in the sentence “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today ”)

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give an example of type casting by a simple c program

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increment operateor (++)and decrament(--) #include #inclide main() { int x=15; while(x!=0) scanf("%d",&x); {

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Develop a flow chart and write a c program to find the roots of a quadratic equation ax2+bx+c=0 using switch and break statement.

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Can you write the algorithm for Queue?


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TCS C Interview Questions

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