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Wipro Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is mean impedance?

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how do you calculate IKW(consumption per TR) in HVAC?

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what r the safety measures in UPS ? explain all?


Why thwe Direction of Rotation of a TABLE Fan & CEILING Fan are different?

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I have 480V Single phase and I am trying to figure how big of a transformer (KVA's) and Primary breaker size I need to provide 200 Amps at 240V for a building.

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Why the rating of the HT breakers are in 1250 Amp, while the load on the breaker is around 50 Amp. ?

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what is LDR used in street light

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1.Why use in ups in software's,reason,and pls explain. 2.what is the isolation transformer and main use it's functioning and partes.

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1.what is the funtion of chiller primary & scondary pumps. 2.what is the use of distribution lines & Types. 3.what is the use the thermal power stations & how much capacity.


what is metering cum synchronizing panel and how it is used?


What is the function of RCCB? What are the different sensitivity ratings & each application?

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what is relay multiplier

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how i prepare for the written test in mahagenco?

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technically, what is the reason behind starting the motor star the delta connection .. and what other ways to do this rather than using " star-delta transformer"


Use of electrical theorems (thevenin's,norton's,millmen's,superposition,reciprocity, Maximum Power Transfer theorem,Compensation Theorem) IN REAL LIFE???(IF YOU KNOW EXACT OR CORRECT ANSWER).

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Wipro Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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