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how i prepare for the written test in mahagenco?

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how i prepare for the written test in mahagenco?..

Answer / sushil259

Give more stress on Power systems, power generation and
electrical machines

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how i prepare for the written test in mahagenco?..

Answer / pharmacist

for written test at 19.09.10

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can we use ps class in combination with protection class in differential protection and over current protection.

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Can you used moeller lzm1 mccb in a dc system with 125vdc and 20ka short circuit current , beside is it have 24 or 48 volt shunt ? Beside how long current can through from An MCB shunt contacts? (like Z7-AS 24 V)?

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how to test and calculat the head and discharge in borewell compressor

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impliment (AB)`+C to transistor representation

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Which type of material used for fuse wire & solder wire.

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Hello sir. if u have electical engineering exam paper then plz mail me at i m appearing exam for HPCL.

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What is the meaning, function and application of OLTC?

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How to calcualte 1unit of current consumption?

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Can we use 11kv Trivector Metre or Energy metre instead 33kv Metre at 33kv Over Head Line metering purpose?

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Why we does earthing for transformer neutral point

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Is a contactor (or master relay) required between incoming lines and a VFD? The question goes to safety. If a contactor were used before the VFD and an e-stop engaged then the motor will coast to a stop (i.e. VFD loses power) instead of stopping much faster if the VFD braking fucntion were used. It would make more sense to keep power on the VFD.

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why using earth testing rod 15 meter 30 meter long to each other?

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