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what is mean impedance?

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what is mean impedance?..

Answer / sindhu

the ratio of voltage/current in case of ac supply is known
as impedance.
where xland xc are inductive and capacitive reactance

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what is mean impedance?..

Answer / shubhangi tyagi

impedence is the total opposition to the flow of current in ac circuit which acts due to resistor,inductor,capacitor

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what is mean impedance?..

Answer / maya

real part of impedance is resistance&imaginary part of
impedance is resonance z=r+(xl-xc)i

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what is mean impedance?..

Answer / sreejith

Impedance can be mentioned as Z. That is Z=square root of
(R^2+L^2) or Z= r+j(Xl-Xc)

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what is mean impedance?..

Answer / anjali

the ratio of the voltage phasor to the electric current
phasor, a measure of opposition to time-varying electric
current in an electric circuit

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what is mean impedance?..

Answer / ramnath

Between inductive and capactive reactance respectively

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what is mean impedance?..

Answer / harinath reddy

opposes the flow of electric current

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