Differentiate between Server Transfer and Response

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Answer / srujana

Server Transfer :
1. To transfer page processing from one page directly to
the next page without making a round-trip back
to the client's browser we use Server Transfer .
2. Server Transfer provides a faster response with a little
less overhead on the server.
3. The clients url history list or current url is not
updated by the Server Transfer.

Response Redirect :
1. To redirect the user's browser to another page or site
Response.Redirect is used.
2. This performs a trip back to the client where the
client's browser is redirected to the new page.
3. The user's browser history list is updated to reflect
the new address.

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Answer / lalit

Server Transfer can only redirect to the pages (URL)which
are available within that server and can carry the control
state while transferring.

Response Redirect allows you to transfer to the pages (URL)
which might or might not available in that web server. and
cannot carry the control state while transferring.

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