What is dataset and uses of dataset ?

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What is dataset and uses of dataset ?..

Answer / k.nagavani

The dataset is a in-memory representation of data.
DataSet is made up of a collection of DataTable objects.
It can be considered as a local copy of the relevant
portions of the database.
The data is persisted in memory and the data in it can be
manipulated and updated independent of the database. When
the use of this dataset is finished, changes can made back
to the central database for updating.
The data in dataset can be loaded from any valid
datasources like Microsoft SQL Server database, an Oracle
database or a Microsoft Access database.
1. You normally use datasets to hold results of database
queries, but you can also create them on the fly and
populate them programmatically.
2. The DataSet object has characteristics that make it
suitable for persisting application settings: It can hold
hierarchical data in the Tables collection, and you can use
the WriteXml() method to save the entire dataset into an
XML file with a simple call:

3. We can seperate data layer from presentation layer by
using class or dataset in .net 2.0.
4. The DataSet in .Net rocks, it provides so much
functionality for free, that it makes it the prefered data
transport mechanism between the presentation layer and the
buisiness layer, when dealing with a pure .Net technology
stack then DataSet's are the way to go.
5. DataSet has some powerful XML-related capabilities. For
example, you can serialize a DataSet into XML through its
WriteXml() method; conversely, you can populate a DataSet
from a properly formatted XML stream using the DataSet's
ReadXml() method.

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What is dataset and uses of dataset ?..

Answer / nagaraj

1. datasert is connection less in memory representation of
the data xml represention.
2. once the data load into dataset their is no need to
maintain the live connection.
3.once dataset is collection of any no.of datatable
objects.the information of these table may be taken from
diff datasource.
4.the dataset updatable
5.the data set will represent the information inthe xml
format internally

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What is dataset and uses of dataset ?..

Answer / ponvanaraja

A Dataset is a in memory representation of a collection of
Database objects including tables of a relational database
scheme. The dataset contains a collection of Tables,
Relations, constraints etc.,

It can be used for manipulating the data remotely and
finally updating the database with the modified data. This
way it enables disconnected means of working with data. This
improves performance in terms of reducing the number of
times a database is accessed for data manipulations.

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What is dataset and uses of dataset ?..

Answer / sathish

dataset solved a lot of handling huge amount of data.The
dataset when pointed to stored procedures can be able to
load data of many tables and can be accessed at any instant
any record.

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What is dataset and uses of dataset ?..

Answer / kavitha

dataset are tow types
typed dataset typeddataset and untypeddataset
typedataset is xml format
untypeddataset is textformat
dataset as any modifications create insert delete insert
update & edit
dataset like as database

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What is dataset and uses of dataset ?..

Answer / supriya

Dataset is a memory represtation of data.it is collection
of datatables object.it can manipulated and updated
independent of the database.it is normally hold the result
of datasets.

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