Hi Friends, Recently i was asked this question in a CRM
Interview: 'What is the business process you followed? '.
Can anyone help me in finding an answer to this question.
Plz mail me at sjatain@gmail.com.
Thanks & Regards.

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Hi Friends, Recently i was asked this question in a CRM Interview: 'What is the business proce..

Answer / raj

hi jatin,
Business process is the process you follow in a
particular project say for example if you have implemented
cic winclient so you should be able to explain how the
things work and how the data gets updated and wat are all
the backend systems connected and all. mean how exactly the
business works.

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Hi Friends, Recently i was asked this question in a CRM Interview: 'What is the business proce..

Answer / krishna

Business scenario is nothing but what is the process, like
for example how is the CRM application used by your client.
Example: for us the sales reps from different location in
US raise the sales orders in the CRM system and they flow
to R/s and we also implemented the marketing module to run
the e-mail campaigns for the product promotions.

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Hi Friends, Recently i was asked this question in a CRM Interview: 'What is the business proce..

Answer / pravas ranjan das

Business process is the process you follow the perticular
project but depend internal or external organizatin or
group. If u work on fromt office frame work in CIC
winclient then how the things work data will be updated.

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Hi Friends, Recently i was asked this question in a CRM Interview: 'What is the business proce..

Answer / ravi

blueprint process which is second stage of Asap mathodology
called business process. under we have to map the right
business process with the help of no of sap tools like ssm,
ssc,change req management etc.apart from this we have a no
of application like ai and b2 which is helpful to
unnderstand the existing process and required process.

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