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TCS SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Interview Questions
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What are the customizing settings for Campaign?


How to make a campaign template/Marketing Plan Template?

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How can you customize assignment block?


Can you delete an Assignment Block of a campaign? What are the customization steps?


What is ASAP methodology?

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What is your system landscape?

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What is a BP field grouping? Why is it used?

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Which BP role would the BP’s created form ELM come under?

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Difference b/w BP Role and Partner Function?

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What are the setting required for Service Order?


What is your service life-cycle?


What is Blue Print Phase? What does the document consist of?


What are actions? Why did you use them in your project?


What is email processing?


What is workflow?

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TCS SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Interview Questions

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Hello SAP MM trainers,I am a SAP MM consultant working for MNC in Hyderabad, India and have good experience in domain and SAP MM. I am being forced by my company’s client to show them my SAP MM certification. Now my company is insisting me to write the certification exam. I can write the exam without going to SAP certified institute as my company is SAP partner, but I am not confident that I will pass the exam. As I am working odd hours and family commitment, I do not want to go to SAP certified institute. I am looking for a trainer who is experienced in real life projects (not a full time trainer with bookish knowledge) and certified in SAP MM and willing to train me in couple of weeks so that I can pass the certification in first attempt. Please email


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