1.What r the 5 infotypes in US payroll?

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1.What r the 5 infotypes in US payroll?..

Answer / haris

First of all the question it self is not clear. We have
to maintain no of infotype in US Payroll.
Give me correct question.
we will maitain the following infotypes for all the
countries in the world.
IT 0000,0001,0002,0003,0006,0007,0008,0014,0015. These are
common infotype we will maintain for all the countries in
general. As far as USA is concerned we will maintain the
following infotypes 0207,0208,0209,0210 and Garnisment
infotypes 0194 and 0195.
First of question should be clear.

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1.What r the 5 infotypes in US payroll?..

Answer / n amarender reddy

Hi Bagaramma,
Please don't misguide other fresher's who are also not
knowing the difference between infotypes and features.
Please do make a note

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1.What r the 5 infotypes in US payroll?..

Answer / priya.

Yes,Question it self is not clear. I was asked this
Question in my last interview. the Question was
what are the additional payroll infotypes we maintain for

IT0077-additional personal information
IT1610-assignmanet of EEO (equal employment opportunity)
and AAP (affermative action planning ) to jobs
IT1612-Assignmanet of workers compenstion code to org.units
IT1613-Assignment of workers compensation code to positions
IT0094- residential status
--Source Help.SAP.Com

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1.What r the 5 infotypes in US payroll?..

Answer / kavita

The additional IT for US are
IT0077 Additional Personal Information
IT009 Residential status
IT1610 Assignment of EEO and AAO
IT1612 Assignment of Worker's compensation code to org units
TI1613 Assignment of Worker's compensation code to positions

But can anyoone provide me the screens with the various
drop downs in SAP standard, since I dont have the system
infront of me and need to complete a document

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1.What r the 5 infotypes in US payroll?..

Answer / kusuma.mandala

in us payroll the important infotypes for basic pay are
0006,0007,0008 and 0009

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1.What r the 5 infotypes in US payroll?..

Answer / bangaramma


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