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TCS Informatica Interview Questions
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in which situations do u go for snowflake schema ?

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in which situations do u go for starflake schema ?

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in which situations do u go for scds ?

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in which situations do u go for sequence generator ?

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how do u get the first record from 50,000 records ?

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what is incremental loading ?

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how many tasks are there in informatica ?

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why u go for dimensions ?

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I've an excel sheet, in which one column contains data about the location like "City, State" and few columns contains only "State". Now I wanna load into my target City and State into two different columns. Pls help me out...

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wt is Dynamic lookup Transformation? when we use?how we use?

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How to handle changing source file counts in a mapping?

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Draw a workflow diagram for this situation. If s3 is true session s4 and s5 should concurreently Run.if any one s4 or s5 true it should run s1.If s1 sucess it should execute s2 otherwise exit.can any one give me suggestion.Thanks in advance.

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S1 is having 1 lakh records and s2 is having 100 records, s2 should compare s1 if emp no is same data should be updated if not their it should insert the data.what are the transformation used?

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What is A complex mapping?

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which one is costliest transformation? costliest means occupying more memory. which one Aggregator,sorter,filter,etc..

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TCS Informatica Interview Questions

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