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TCS Interview Questions
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is c language is a object oreinted language?

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founder of c++

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I have one mdf file and 11 ldf files for a db, but all the ldf files are crashed then how can u recover the ldf files in db?


How do you make derived class as an abstract class?

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main() { int a=5; printf(?%d,%d,%d\n?,a,a< <2,a>>2); } Answer: 5,20,1 please explain this code in detail

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Write a program to find out the number of palindromes in a sentence.

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can please tel me faq's asking in interviews on microcontrollers


how to add our own function in c library please give details.?

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one of the column in my table contains the data like SAL ---- 1000 1000 2000 3000 3000 So my requirement is i want output like SAL --- 1000 2000 3000 it mean i want to delete duplicate rows only how should u write query?

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a flat file having 1 laks records. if i want convert excel file what happen. (bcz a exccel sheet having 65536 colums but flat files one lak columns). how to get one laks colums in excel sheet .

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Fast Load Script is failed and error tables are available then how do you restart?

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How do you Generate Sequence in Teradata?

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Can any one say how will sort map objects in java?

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which browsers versions are supported in loadrunner 8.1?if any patches are required for browsers?

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what is risk?


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TCS Interview Questions

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