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TCS Interview Questions
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How to invoke workflows using userproperty

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Write a stored procedure for emplpoyee and department table to get DeptName which having no employee. Table Structure- Emp-Emp_Id,Emp_Name,Dept_id Dept-Dept_Id,Dept_Name

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i have a data in my source as a flat files what test i have to perform the next step can any body help to me


tell me about Configuration of Group/country chart of account ?

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how we can call xml file in java file using Android platform?

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Hi experts, > I 'm having data like this and it's in flat file. > sno,name,marks,result > 1, ak, 80,p > 2, , ,20,f > 3,jack,55,p > > now in the second row a comma(,) is placed instead of name(char). > > when importing into SQ , in flat file wizard the num of columns increased to 5 instead of 4. > > could you tell me how to over come this issue.........

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How You Pull the records on daily basis into your ETL Server.

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why onlyseries motors are used as universal motors? why not shunt?

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int a,b ; a=b=10 ; if(a>b){ printf ("%d",a)}; no error output is a=10

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How to Join Tables my Source is having 15 table target is one?

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My friend has faced this question! I don't know clearly. So please anyone give me the correct and short answer to this question? What is variable frequency drive? Types, what is star to delta? Why this arrangement necessary?

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why java does not contain pointers?

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why we calld java object orinted programming language??


im an electronics and communication engineering..i have to attend an interview based on contract basis.i kindly request u to send all possible questions to my mail...its


Input is "Jack and jill went up a hill" To print output is 1-letter word(s)-1 2-letter words-1 3-letter words-1 4-letter words-4

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TCS Interview Questions

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