My friend has
faced this
question! I
don't know
clearly. So
please anyone
give me the
correct and
short answer to
this question?
What is variable
frequency drive?
Types, what is
star to delta?
Why this

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Answer / vasu

VFD are used to make the motor to run in desired speed. By
variying the input supply frequency we can vary the speed of
the motor. some other types are VVFD - Variable voltage and
frequency drive, Vector drive.

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Answer / rawjaw

We know a relation speed
say,N=120f/p,speed directly
proportional to freq.In some
applications large motors
used to drive a heavy load,we
start such motors from 0 rpm
& provides initial torque(say
160%) in order to achieve
energy efficient.ok..

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Answer / hitesh kareliya

VFD Means Variable Frequency Drive,So that means we
controll the Pump's RPM via VFD in desired frequency.

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Answer / amit shetkar

see firstly vfd is basically used mainly for 2 purpose i.e to
protect electrical motors & for speed control.
& now about that star delta arrangement it used before motor
in that star connection is used to give smooth start to motor
& when motor achieve it's speed so to maintain that speed
delta connection is used

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Answer / vinay singh

When the elements are connected in neither series nor parallel
to reduce network star delta arrangement is used.

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