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TCS C++ General Interview Questions
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What is the Difference between "printf" and "sprintf"?

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How to write Multithreaded applications using C++?

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What is Memory Alignment?

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const char * char * const What is the differnce between the above two?

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What is your strongest programming language (Java, ASP, C, C++, VB, HTML,C#, etc.)?

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What is the Maximum Size that an Array can hold?

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what is importance of data sturture in a programming language?

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how to swap two numbers with out using temp variable

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what is data Abstraction? and give example

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write a program to insert an element into an array

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What is scope of a variable? (LOLZ)

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Perform addition, multiplication, subtraction of 2-D array using Operator Overloading.


what are prototypes

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Write a c program for binary addition of two 8 bit numbers.


Write a C++ program to sort digits of all the 4 digit number and display the sorted 4 digit number

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TCS C++ General Interview Questions

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