What is scope of a variable? (LOLZ)

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What is scope of a variable? (LOLZ)..

Answer / aboelella

Variable scope is the places in code where this variable can
be accessed

Varaible can be defined to be global (visible in the program
include scope)

Variable can be local if defined in the scope of parantesis
(inside function or in compound statement)

In classes variables scope depends on the way it is defined
(privat, public or protected)

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What is scope of a variable? (LOLZ)..

Answer / lovly

One of the really big pluses with GOSUB/RETURN is that you
can share variables that are neither global nor restricted
to one piece of code.

With or without that functionality, how about a way to
share variables (with memory of course) between only
certain subs/functions? Something like:
(per function/sub)

"STATIC SHARED as integer namespace_name.variable_name =
0" -OR-
"STATIC SHARED namespace_name.variable_name as integer"

Usage would just be: "variable_name" -- no "." or namespace

I think that would be a great addition to FB. Thoughts

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