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TCS Informatica Interview Questions
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How can yoU improve session performance in aggregator transformation?

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What are the Differences between connected and unconnected lookup?

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what is update strategy transformation ?

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What is Performance tuning in Informatica?

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What is a look up function? What is default transformation for the look up function?

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we have a parameter file in Unix location where we have .txt files and those file will be used as source in informatica. I cannot use source file name directly as file name will keep on changing in unix location. I need to define $$InputFile as parameter. Can anybody send me the parameter file and the steps to handle this.

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how the server recognises , if the session fails after loading the 100 records in to the target

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i have different sources in different databases ,that sources may be 100 tables i want to load these tables in to single target how to pearform the task

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if the session fails after 100 records agian we have to starts the session or we go for recovery session

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what is data driven?

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Generally how many Fact Tables and Dimensions Table you have used in the Project? Which one is loaded first Fact Table or Dimensions Table into the warehouse? What is the size of the Fact Table and Dimension Table? what is the size of the table and warehouse

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two types of data are there . one is mainframe and the other is ascii format . in informatica how can you get both the data in a single format in ascii .

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suppose a session is failed after a transformation , from where that session will run again , i.e . from beginning or from that transformation ?

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what are the reusable tasks in informatica ?

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TCS Informatica Interview Questions

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