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TCS Interview Questions
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what is error and fault in terms of software quality?


what is difference between Seqence and Collaboration diagrams with example?

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what is Normalization?

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why the color of tube light is white?

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what is the differents and advantages of Electro magnetics relay and static relay ? what is the numerical relay ? advatages?......

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check list of maintenance of transformer?

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How to explian the V model. Diagram not required but iwant the answer gnerally No Diagram explanation plzzzzzzzzzz..

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difference between ceiling fan

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what is modem and what use of in networking ?

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AC current is flowing in a wire in your home how can you measure it(name of the instrument)

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what are the common estimation techniques followed

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2.create for 10 batch: Employee_Number Employee_name Employee_Dateofjoining Employee_address Employee_salary the employee name who deriving more than 10 thousand salary and joined before august 08. use structure and pointers


whate is the meaning of balance/unbalance,in stabilizers type


hoe to select the cable size in sq mm for certain load?

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what is the difference SCR & TRIAC?

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TCS Interview Questions

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can any one help me out by posting something related to rvnl interview for site engineer electronics (S & T).? what is the procedure? what type of question they generally ask? how long the interview goes for one candidate? and any tips ??


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