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Wipro QTP Interview Questions
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I have given u a application.To automate it what are the things will u consider?

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How the smart identification is used in real time?Please explain with an example


I would like to directly import XL file and work on that XL file directly in QTp script in that XL sheet need to allocate workbench,XL sheet and generate two bar graphs automatically how to do that? plz let me know any answers?


In a page i have N number of links at a time i would like to open those links by using QTP?how to do that?

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Hi, How to export the Checkpoints and Output values(Test area output values) from Object Repository to Excel

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what is meant by descriptive programming?

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difference between GetROProperty and GetTOProperty

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what is the purpose of SetTOProperty Method?

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What are the differences between QTP 9.2 and 10? please explain e indetail......

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Write a command for setvalue function in a webedit

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i want to learn testing tools what i have to know before.iam fresher i dnt know any this..which langagues i have to before testing.

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how to pripare BRS/FRS Document for different projects?

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breef description of batch testing ?


Hi my name is mohan. I am working as a manual tester.. And now i want learn QTP.. is there any online websites to learn QTP for free if u know any plz help me out..,.or send mail to

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Is manual Testing replacement of automation testing?Which types of testing we can not do in automation testing but can do in manual testing?

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Wipro QTP Interview Questions

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